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Brake jitter causes and solutions

time : 2017-07-10 16:12

Today we have introduced such a popular science knowledge to explain, through our common phenomenon of the formation of brake jitter to analyze the causes and solutions.
Reason: opening the wrong process of opening the skin, the brake skin into the uneven brake discs
The new brake disc brake disc need to run, is also commonly referred to as the skin. The purpose of running is to make the material evenly into the brake disc brake disc above, of course, if the open skin process is not good, in the brake disc surface different areas of the formation of different thickness of the oxide layer, may also lead to brake jitter.
Solution: the use of different temperature and different quality of the skin process is different, it is recommended that the strict opening of the brand skin process to open the skin. STOPTECH open the skin process, after the skin cannot be finished immediately after the stop, to slowly let him cool, cooling, you can see the brake disc surface with a layer of gray uniform oxide layer, like brake leather color.
Reason: drag the brake or driving habits, uneven integration of brake pads into the brake disc
Some people like to put their feet on the brake pedal, which is a bad habit, will brake pads, brake disc damage, and even the temperature is too high and do not know, when the brakes but could not brake. Also need to pay attention to after several consecutive brake or Micha, do not immediately stop or feet do not have been riding on the brake pedal, which will lead to parking brake pads and brake disc contact parts deformation, causing brake jitter.
Solution: to develop good driving habits
Reason: other body distortion reasons
Horns, hem-arm deformation and other reasons can also lead to brake jitter, this situation generally occurs in the vehicle after the accident, the solution is to check, confirm the problem, replace the deformation parts.
From the above Wheel Cylinder Link Suppliers the brake jitter can be seen, resulting in the failure of the original mainly from the product itself and the conversion of the construction process, of course, as a driver driving habits also directly affect the use of this brake effect. The importance of brake safety I do not have to say more, so we need in our daily lives in the prevention, sharing a better car life.
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